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"Alexei Ravski unites landscape painting with the art of the surreal in his dramatic, large-format compositions. Meticulous in technique, they are marked by a striking use of perspective that invites the viewer to step into the fantasy."

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Portret Alexej Ravski 2006

Born in 1961, Alexej Ravski exhibits in France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, the United States, Belarus and his native Russia.

His work is included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art in Minsk.

born 1961 Maritime Territory, Russia
since 1986 participated in exhibitions
1990 graduated from Belarusian Academy of Arts, faculty of easel painting
1990 - 1994 trainee course at the creative studios of the USSR Academy of Fine Arts
since 1992 member of the Belarus Union of Painters


Roermond, The Netherlands
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